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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Equestrian Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

1. Personally Preppy monograms
I should have been a housewife
Example of the black gloss helmet monogram from the Personally Preppy website

They make vinyl monograms and heat transfers for just about anything and everything you can think of. From head (helmets) to toe (boots) they have tons of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. In addition to monograms they also sell jewelry, accessories, and home goods. I'll be stocking up on the heat transfers for my breeches ($5.99 for 1" glitter monogram), a vinyl monogram for my helmet ($8.25 for 2" black glossy), and monograms for my horse boots ($12 for a 1" pair) just to get started. They also sell a Personally Preppy baseball hat that is adorable (on sale for $16). You can fill up on stocking stuffers through their website or order a gift card and let your giftee pick the monograms out themselves.

2. C4 Belts- $30-$34
I should have been a housewife
My newest C4 belt color combo, mint and gold chrome

I am seriously addicted to C4 belts; I have 5 classic belts and just ordered my first skinny belt. You purchase the rubberized belt and buckle separately so you can mix and match allowing for hundreds of color possibilities. C4 also donates 10% of each purchase to selected charities on their website. The thing I love most is that the buckles are interchangeable within their styles so I can swap out any buckle and place it on the same size belt of a different color, almost doubling my belt inventory.  My classic stock includes hot pink/hot pink, lavender/lavender, grey belt/silver chrome buckle, orange belt/turquoise buckle, mint belt/gold chrome buckle. My skinny belt is black with a black chrome buckle for work. These make great gifts or stocking stuffers and come in little plastic boxes for easy wrapping and storage.

i should have been a housewife
Riding Sport Uptown breech in charcoal

My new favorite schooling breech is the Riding Sport Uptown Breech from Dover Saddlery. They look and fit great, people always compliment me on them and are shocked that they are under $100. They hold up very well, are super comfortable, and are very flattering. They feature a modern euro seat and soft flexi-cuff leg openings so no more discomfort from hook and loop closures. They come in charcoal and black with silver brushed details.

4. Ogilvy Jump Baby Pad- Starting at $37
i should have been a housewife
Demo of the Jump Baby Pad with charcoal binding and turquoise piping
i should have been a housewife

I just purchased my Ogilvy baby pad after loving my half pad for an entire year. This baby pad is wayyy more substantial than a normal baby pad. It actually seems to be the thickness of a normal rectangle pad to me. I wanted my baby pad to coordinate with my half pad so I ordered a white body with charcoal piping then upgraded to turquoise piping ($7 for single piping), a diamond monogram on the left side in turquoise ($12), and the Ogilvy logo in turquoise and grey on the right side ($10). I really love how it came out and will probably end up using it as my show pad it's so nice. If you want the Ogilvy logo embroidered on your pad you have to email in your order and they contact you back for the details. The Ogilvy sales team made it so easy and was a breeze to order the pad this way and it came out exactly how I wanted it and arrived quickly. The pad is also anti-microbial, anti-fungal, has an ergonomic shape, and it dries quickly. What's better than that?!

5. Ariat Heritage Contour Zip Field Boot ($290)
i should have been a housewife
Ariat Hertiage Field Boot, available in back or brown

I just got a pair of these a few weeks ago for schooling and I'm in love with them. The elastic panel ensures a snug fit without causing me to lose all feeling in my foot. Gone are the days of "if you can't feel your feet than they fit right" and having leg cramps since the blood flow is interrupted by yet-to-be broken in tall boots. The elastic panel that runs the length of the boot allows for a slimmer, more flattering ankle and the leather quality is better than the last model of the boot. There is also a dress boot version coming out this spring that I can't wait to see.

That's all for now, hope Santa brings everything you wish for!

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