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I was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey. After attending the University of Scranton for my undergraduate studies, I chose to follow in my mother's footsteps and attend Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania to become a second generation optometrist.

Growing up, my sister Erin and I were always helping my mother in the kitchen, a passion that has stuck with me ever since. I love all things baking, cooking, and entertaining and try to share that with as many of my friends and family members as possible.

I'm also an avid horseback rider, my parents often joke that I came out of the womb loving horses. Since I'm on rotations for the last part of my optometry schooling, horseback riding has had to take a back seat to all the work and preparation that goes in to taking boards. I still take lessons whenever I can and hope to continue showing in the hunters and jumpers once my rotations have finished.

I'm also looking forward to marrying my best friend and fiance Nick in 2015. We're newly engaged and the wedding planning process has been really tricky since I've been away on rotations for the last year. Nonetheless, Nick and I are looking forward to making our little family official this year and our dog Lilly probably can't wait for her Mama bear to come home.

Anyway, that's just a little insight into my life and where my inspirations come from. Hope you enjoy reading the contents of my blog!


I should have been a housewife

I should have been a housewifeI should have been a housewife

I should have been a housewife