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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Haas Grooming Brushes, Review to Come

I've been thinking about upgrading my grooming kit for a couple weeks now after coming across a post on The 900 Facebook Pony about a Leistner brush that totally knocked her socks off. I've always used the generic, synthetic brushes that are found at most tack stores and never really thought about changing them. After reading the post however, I really began to notice that my brushes just push the dirt around instead of lifting it up, up, and away.

They Neigh, I Pay

I'll admit I've never was one of those hard-core-into-grooming people, my coat grooming routine basically consisted of knocking dirt/mud off, currying, and brushing with a dandy/flick brush. If there was dust left over *sometimes* I would run a rag over it, hoping it would disappear. After reading the aforementioned post, I decided to see if taking it up a notch with the brushes I already had would make a huge difference.

So for the past week I changed it up. My grooming routine was now knock mud off, curry, medium/coarse dandy brush, medium dandy/flick brush, and finishing with a soft brush. Yes it took slightly longer, and yes there was less dust, but I still felt like things could be better.

*I always flick out my brushes with a curry or against a sturdy corner as I go, but I didn't think to wash them before my little experiment. My brushes *may* have performed a little better if had washed them but hindsight is 20/20. Note to self, wash brushes next time I go to the barn.*

I looked into a few different brush brands but ultimately decided I liked the Haas brushes best. I researched their different models, looked up prices, and read other peoples reviews on which brushes they liked/found the most useful. After deciding which brushes would work best for me, I tried to convince myself why I didn't need to spend $75+ on new brushes, and hesitated on pulling the trigger.

*Enter my darling husband*

While perusing the internet yesterday he proceeded to ask me what I was looking for (as if he didn't already know the answer was horse stuff). I mentioned I was looking for new brushes and he asked if the ones I had weren't working.


"Well, no." While I explained that they were alright but I was looking to upgrade, he mentioned he recently did the same with his computer keyboard...


... I don't know about you guys but I've always used the keyboard that came with my computer or the cheapest replacement I could find if the first one broke. What could you do to a keyboard to make it any different from the one sitting next to it? How many special keyboard options could there really be out there I thought? Well, apparently there are $170 keyboards; ones that light up different colors and that have reduced noise key clicking and apparently really kick butt.

They Neigh, I Pay
After picking my jaw up off the floor, I opened up the tab with my shopping cart of brushes and pushed purchase. So I am soon to be the proud new owner of some fancy, schmancy Haas brushes. The ones I ordered are:

1. Haas Military Brush- As per the Haas website: "The shorter and stronger bristles are for a thorough cleaning effect, whilst the longer bristles remove dust and enhance the shine. This brush really locks into a soft coat and ensures that every dirt, sweat and dust is taken to the surface of the coat. A particularly strong horse hair mixture has been used for this brush. The border is edged with longer bristles."
They Neigh, I Pay

2. Haas Lippizaner Brush-"An exclusive horse hair mixture is used for this brush. The border is edged with longer black horse hair. The shorter bristles for gentle cleaning and the longer for removing dust and giving gloss."
They Neigh, I Pay

3. Haas Noir Brush"Special pure soft horsehair. Ensures moisturising and clean results with a natural shine."

They Neigh, I Pay

 4. Haas Diva Exclusiv-"A Brush with Lambswool and the Border with soft Horsehair. For a perfect, glossy finish. Black with Leather Handstrap"

They Neigh, I Pay

This brush may be a little over the top but hey, go big or go home.

5. Haas Kopfbürste Face Brush"A face brush brush made of a mixture of very soft white horse hair."
They Neigh, I Pay
I can't wait for them to arrive so I can finally try them out! Once I get the brushes and use them a little, I'll post a review of how things are going. If anyone has any questions about them leave a comment below or send me a message on Instagram @Rocky092.

 (P.S. The most useful brush info I found on the brushes can be found at Eqclusive LTD and Reinhold's Horse Wellness Store)

SmartPak also has their Spring2016 Sale so all the Haas brushes they carry are 15% off, win-win!