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Friday, October 17, 2014

Equestrian Wishlist and Some Cute Horse Pictures

Weddings are expensive. There are a few equestrian things I've had my eye on for a while, but in reality won't be able to purchase until after my wedding/when I have a real job.

Tailored Sportsman has a ton of great colored breeches for schooling and I'm loving the fern green in the Trophy Hunter Front Zip. The fern green in person is actually a really nice shade of not-too-green green and less khaki than the picture shows. They can be found at SmartPak and other retailers starting at $179.95.

Another item that's slowly grown into one of my new obsessions is brown leather tall boots. 

These are Ariat® Challenge Contour Square Toe Field Boot in cognac and can be found at SmartPak for $399.95. They have a full length elasticized panel on lateral side with elastic gusset on inside knee as well as a contoured ankle. With a fashionable sqaure toe, these are boots I'd love to have for schooling, especially now that fall is upon us.

I bought a Samshield Shadowmatt helmet two years ago on national helmet awareness day and I love it. Samshield also makes custom helmets with a ton of different options. Sticking with the brown theme, I customized a helmet, complete with name personalization on the chin strap. Totaling $2668 it is WAY out of my comfort zone to spend on a helmet, but with crocodile accents, a girl can dream.

Click here to customize your own on the mySamshield page

Going on with the custom theme, Equifit makes custom D-Teq open front and ankle boots. With fun leather patterns and a choice of colors, these boots sell for only a slightly higher price point than the Equitfit LUX boots that I already have. Do I really need a pair of new boots for a horse that I don't have? Nope, but I spent close to fifteen minutes designing a new pair.

The last item im going to talk about is one that I'm REALLY excited about purchasing once I find a horse. It's a custom monogrammed bridle. The first time I saw one was before I was even in high school, but the thought of owning one has stuck with me since. Bennett's Hunter (TM) offers monograms on their bridles at only $15 per letter, but that does not include the price of the bridle and reins. A little bit of a splurge, but properly cared for leather can last a lifetime.

Thanks for reading!

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They Neigh, I Pay

They Neigh, I Pay

They Neigh, I Pay

They Neigh, I Pay

They Neigh, I Pay

They Neigh, I Pay